RBNISONFIRE | Riot On An Empty Street
Rbnisonfire.es is the portfolio of Rubén Juan, a graphic designer and photographer based in Valencia.
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About This Project

A Year of Skateboarding Photography
Self edited photo book with photos made between 2013 & 2014. Limited edition of 50, signed & numbered, 90 pages with more than 50 photos. Cover with classic demimatt-matt laminated of 300g paper. Inside pages with classic gloss-gloss coated of 170g paper.
Are in this book: Hugo Miralles, Adrián Fuentes, Matías Ndong, Julián Arellano, Ronaldo León, Raimundo Frias, Mario Cano, Ricardo Lozano, Gerardo Anaya, Scott Sansierra, Jimmy Morente, Joaquín Ródenas, Nacho Canales “Cuervo”, José Portales “Cok”, Javier Fioretto, Alex Marco, Taylor Nawroki, Gervasio Ndong, Dairo Smith, Josep Cebeta, Cristian Sánchez, Abel Segura, Dave Wallace & Pedro Tomás “Pope”.
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Self-edited in September of 2014

Graphic Design, Photography