RBNISONFIRE | Subterranean Kids
Rbnisonfire.es is the portfolio of Rubén Juan, a graphic designer and photographer based in Valencia.
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About This Project

Subterranean Kids
The complete photo story

‘Subterranean Kids’ is the photo document of an adventure inside the guts of a city. In our diverse incursions, we explored the project of a new underground line, where the building works where stopped cause of the economical crisis since 2011. Our incursions were the result of a curiosity,

so a group of friends and i joined the adventure to see the guts of the city, ready to see what we could skate.


The photo story was originaly made to be inside the pages of GOMAG, a Spanish skateboarding magazine. Finally, it was published in the 18 number (December 2014). The original idea was by Hugo Miralles. Thanks to Villains for coordinate the missions. Also, thanks to Enrique Escandell to be our guide, and GOMAG to let us a place inside it’s pages. The skaters and friends that joined us in the mission were Hugo Miralles, Raul Roig, Cristian Sánchez, Ricardo Lozano, Gervasio Ndong, Matias Ndong, Jimmy Morente, Ray Frias & Dani Maia.